You Can’t Con a Con Artist If You’re Also a Con Artist - Key & Peele

Published on Oct 21, 2019
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Two con artists attempt to out-con each other.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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Key & Peele
  • Mikey D

    Mikey D

    16 hours ago

    People actually show you their id. Just one of those things that got hot in the panhandling world for no good reason.

  • Roland Grange

    Roland Grange

    19 hours ago

    They are so brilliant. That slightly dirty, smelly look done to a T,.

  • David A.

    David A.

    Day ago

    I have "Big Man" written on my forehead anywhere in Columbia, SC, the armpit of the South.

  • DC K.

    DC K.

    Day ago

    one two three, FIIVE

  • crap flap

    crap flap

    Day ago

    Catch you on the up flip 😂

  • Hawp Media

    Hawp Media

    2 days ago

    At the end, “can I acts you a question biggest of man?!” 😂

  • Kevin Connor

    Kevin Connor

    2 days ago

    We have so many of these in Chicago. I've had the train worker who needed $30 to get life-saving medication for his daughter (because for some reason the hospital would not give her *life-saving medication* without a $30 cash payment...also someone called him the N-word riiiight before he ran into me), the girl who needed a ride home after the hospital released her following a rape (apparently not one person in this girl's whole life was willing to come pick her up *after finding out she was raped* and the police and the hospital were fine just releasing her out to the street, and her first move, *after being raped* was to walk up to a strange man on the street), the paroled convict who was turning his life around and just needed to sell two more magazine subscriptions to meet his monthly quota (they don't take checks at his nonprofit though!), and finally a woman who had been thrown out of her own apartment (she had the lease with her! People carry those around!) by her abusive boyfriend and needed money for a room.
    I was annoyed enough by the last one that I called her bluff. She said she needed a hotel room, and it was $85 for the night at the hotel down the block. She had tried to negotiate with the concierge inside, but he was very mean to her. So I looked up the hotel on my phone and saw that rooms were only $60. Then she said she wanted to stay at a hotel in a different neighborhood, so I should just get her a gift card (she didn't really try to explain the logic behind this. I think she was just getting desperate.). I said, it's cool. Let's go back to the hotel and you can point out the concierge and I will talk to him. I started to walk down the block with her, and once we got about twenty feet from the hotel, she just trailed off and headed back in the other direction. The whole affair took like fifteen minutes, but at least she didn't swindle anyone else in that time. Also it's not like I had a whole lot else to do.

  • yash shekhar

    yash shekhar

    3 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Meanwhile lyrics at 1:04 : oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

  • RED_10R


    3 days ago

    Can I ask you a question biggest of men

  • Mali Phresh

    Mali Phresh

    4 days ago

    I can't believe I never saw this

  • Tony Jackson

    Tony Jackson

    4 days ago

    I like how they are both trading info from lifted wallets.

  • Tony Jackson

    Tony Jackson

    4 days ago

    I'm on my ninth purchase apparently, and you can't fake that.

  • Jeremya Ford

    Jeremya Ford

    4 days ago

    Omg this brings back so many memories of dumbass con artist at the gas station

  • Hitler Senpai

    Hitler Senpai

    4 days ago

    I'm short so I like to come back to see this video every day just so I can get get called Big man by someone🙂

  • Tamera Cody

    Tamera Cody

    5 days ago


  • Dan


    6 days ago

    It's sad that some times these issues are true, but the other 99% of the time ruins it for them.

  • Gulfstream-TV Studios

    Gulfstream-TV Studios

    6 days ago

    just wonderful...

  • TS


    6 days ago

    If you don't make eye contact or acknowledge them they don't know if you heard them 👁️

  • Mohammed Abdalla

    Mohammed Abdalla

    6 days ago

    1:10 to 1:27 turn on the caption
    oh boy

  • Samuel Fong

    Samuel Fong

    6 days ago

    Trying switch on the Dutch caption. Oh boy...

  • hasan görkem uyanık

    hasan görkem uyanık

    6 days ago

    So, these guys are universal. I didn't know that.

    • Sinan Karagöz

      Sinan Karagöz

      6 days ago

      Türk'ün burda işi ne 😏😂

  • K A

    K A

    7 days ago

    Legendary :)

  • Dare McAdams

    Dare McAdams

    7 days ago

    Who is funnier than K& wat im sayin😂

  • Micah Carter

    Micah Carter

    8 days ago

    Excuse me Big man Big man, but Big man though Bigggg mannnn. Ok Big man God bless you I'll catch you on the uppity Flip 😂😂😂

  • Finger Picking Good

    Finger Picking Good

    8 days ago

    "Biggest of man" lol

  • Pat Jago

    Pat Jago

    9 days ago

    They come out of the woodwork! It’s happened to me so many times that I tell them before they even ask that I have no cash. You gotta love the ones with signs too. Our city has plenty of help if you are truely down on your luck. Food, shelter, and help getting a job.

  • Nicholas Cheap

    Nicholas Cheap

    9 days ago

    Yo big man tho

  • Nicholas Cheap

    Nicholas Cheap

    9 days ago

    Ohh there’s an atm ok here we are at the atm

  • Border Gore

    Border Gore

    9 days ago

    Captions: “Oh Boy”

  • Chris Can Too!

    Chris Can Too!

    9 days ago

    You kno what i doo too got multiple ID's lmfao fuckin stupid 😭🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • John Anderson

    John Anderson

    10 days ago

    i love how different they deliver their lines yet both are good in their own way

  • This guy

    This guy

    10 days ago

    Its so fucken stereotypical.....but so dam hilarious and true....its always big man or big dog....get a job suckas

  • Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

    Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

    10 days ago

    S E E A N E W z

    >> FARMER BILL & the Ultimate COST 2 ALL Life
    🙏 Speak
    4 All of our FUTUREz

  • Timm Toolman

    Timm Toolman

    10 days ago

    But the yogurt card had 8 holes...

  • The Divine Ape

    The Divine Ape

    11 days ago

    Directed by Calebcity

  • Deez Nuts

    Deez Nuts

    11 days ago

    I like Key and peel already watched this just now.
    Can you get the fuck out of my YouTube on my PC?

  • krassos


    11 days ago

    I've met this dude.

  • John Sinnott

    John Sinnott

    11 days ago


  • Caleb Carmichael

    Caleb Carmichael

    11 days ago

    They where confusing me when they got to the atms.

  • gourav 007

    gourav 007

    12 days ago

    ok i love the cows so my percent a night in the 17 trillion gay bdsm) = subtitle at 1:59

  • pakkmann


    12 days ago

    the choices of wardrobe for this... absolutely classic. and the hairstyles!!!

  • Rushikesh Ashtikar

    Rushikesh Ashtikar

    12 days ago

    Spousal injury crisis 😅😅

  • Austin


    12 days ago

    Oh look, it’s literally every single day I walk to work

  • Drew Linton

    Drew Linton

    12 days ago

    -The white socks.
    - the state identification card even though he's driving

  • Mark Panado

    Mark Panado

    13 days ago

    I thought it was LTG

  • PseudoPsychoSports


    13 days ago

    On the issue of legitimacy, I too have identification

  • Colin Payton

    Colin Payton

    13 days ago

    Ahhhh this video. About 10 years ago, a dude (D1) used these EXACT arguments against me — gas can in hand, car parked up the street, stranded and needed to get home, etc. I let him in the car with me to drive to the nearest ATM; I was naive in a small city. This is where things turned... Another dude (D2) showed up as we were fiddling with the ATM and started freaking out on D1, claiming that D1 was a Blood. This meant nothing to me because D2 was physically scarier than D1. He shouted for us all to get into the car. Convinced and subsequently inside my car, I was told to drive directly to D1's actual car to prove there was no car. D2 started yelling obscenities from the back seat, and at one point he screamed to D1, "I will rip your jaw off and beat you to death with it." D1 took my phone and jumped out at a stop sign. Context: I drove a Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor, and the back doors — where D2 was sitting — didn't open from the inside. He nearly ripped the door apart trying to get out while waiting for me to park and run around to his door to open it for him. The foot chase lasted for maybe two minutes before, somehow, D2 wound up sitting next to me in the Crown Vic. After 15 minutes of driving around, he gave up on D1 and then wanted me to take him to an ATM as compensation for his heroic civic duties. See, the reason I was fiddling at the ATM earlier is that, uh, I didn't have a bank card — only credit — and I didn't have cash. Many things in life were new to me then, OK? D2 didn't like hearing that, nor that I couldn't buy him beer from a gas station. At that point, though, I had savvied a bit: having promised him a carton of cigarettes, I let him get out of my car first at the gas station, and I floored all 249 horsies the hell outta there. I'm not going to say I'm traumatized from this experience, but I'm not not going to say that I would deeply prefer not to die by someone ripping my jaw off and beating me to death with it.

  • Nasser Dubauree

    Nasser Dubauree

    14 days ago


  • Mif Bay

    Mif Bay

    14 days ago

    Why the subtitle choice only Dutch?

  • Layhton Medicinecrow

    Layhton Medicinecrow

    14 days ago

    Left his 5 year old in a car without gas up the road.

  • Dux Villanel

    Dux Villanel

    15 days ago

    Im waiting for Keegan to say " But my dick got cut off though" 😂

  • Claudette Gerety

    Claudette Gerety

    15 days ago

    They need to make these vids for senior citizens.

  • Eric Cruz

    Eric Cruz

    15 days ago

    I like how they joined forces at the end after realizing they were equally matched in power level

  • unamist one

    unamist one

    15 days ago

    This really happen in parking lot though.. the person shows their ID and then ask you for money.. they do that brcause police shows their badge like that its reverse psychologicql engineering.

  • Greggory Rice

    Greggory Rice

    15 days ago

    You step onto any used car lot in LA and suddenly you're "chief."

  • Otis Curry-miller

    Otis Curry-miller

    15 days ago

    Biggest of mans

  • SuzanoSho


    16 days ago

    *pulls out punch card*
    "And you can't fake that."

  • Luis Losada

    Luis Losada

    16 days ago

    One of the best

  • Frank Matthews

    Frank Matthews

    17 days ago

    Such eloquent thieves and scum bags.

  • Dat Meme

    Dat Meme

    17 days ago

    I've been approached by dudes like these numerous times and I always offer to go with them to the gas station or train ticket window to buy them what they say they need. They then run away.

  • mikal250


    17 days ago

    Downtown Dallas

  • Nostrum84


    19 days ago

    EEEEyy brothuh

  • Collector Guy

    Collector Guy

    19 days ago

    These two are brilliant

  • LifeIsGood


    19 days ago

    Out of 14 mil views odds are a gas station connie has seen this vid. I wonder what he now thinks knowing that we always know he’s lying so much so in fact that key and peele know how to be them perfectly and we all can relate.

  • Bobby Huff

    Bobby Huff

    19 days ago

    😆😆😆Key and Peele classic

  • Fubbalo


    19 days ago

    English auto-generated captions: oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

  • Sade Timbrelle

    Sade Timbrelle

    20 days ago

    “What is your code? 1234... and what is yours? 1235...” 😂😂

  • Micah Wingate

    Micah Wingate

    20 days ago

    Did anyone notice hes literally handing him a yu gi oh card... its looks like a Red Eyes B. Dragon

  • GetVictd


    20 days ago

    Scam likely....blk people can't get id's😕

  • Kenrick Mendez

    Kenrick Mendez

    21 day ago

    everyone buying doge and safemoon

  • Lu HeDi

    Lu HeDi

    21 day ago

    In DC, there are always people who “need” money for train tickets to get back home. 🙄

  • Hated Critic

    Hated Critic

    21 day ago

    "1 2 3 5."

  • DCMK


    21 day ago

    funny cuz i recently knew the definition of con
    from the movie catch me if you can

  • User


    22 days ago

    the punch card is only punched 8 times😧 he a real con artist

  • Joe Joe

    Joe Joe

    23 days ago

    Hey big man, can I ask you a question biggest of man

  • Joe Joe

    Joe Joe

    23 days ago

    "I'm on my 9th purchase, apparently..."

  • RWK_


    23 days ago


  • tyr odr

    tyr odr

    23 days ago

    Dude tryed this at Walmart today. Said im 4 dollars short to get gas for my car. Lmao

  • Bobby Johnson

    Bobby Johnson

    23 days ago

    Can I axe you a question, big man?

  • Spencer Tauteoli

    Spencer Tauteoli

    24 days ago


  • Ateru Arts

    Ateru Arts

    24 days ago

    Is that a thing in the US of A?



    24 days ago

    The Dutch subtitles starting from 1:05 are funny

  • stjames273


    24 days ago

    They look and sound like actual real life con artists in every way color shape and sound.

  • Mark Howard

    Mark Howard

    24 days ago

    Cold as ice. Black ice

  • Thais Santos

    Thais Santos

    24 days ago

    She got moon dust in her lung 😂 I’m dead!! Lmao

  • TerryTwoToes


    25 days ago

    Two skyrim npc's outside whiterun be like

  • Felecia Thomas

    Felecia Thomas

    25 days ago

    The accuracy!😂

  • poundsdollar


    26 days ago

    Fiduciary crisis 😂😂😂

  • Richard


    26 days ago

    Biggest of men

  • Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor

    26 days ago

    This happens at the Walmart where I live on a daily basis. Best way to stop it is as soon as they walk up to you asking for money is to ask them for a dollar first.

  • chandan singh

    chandan singh

    27 days ago

    I got a lLinkdin ad before this video lol

  • Samuel Balsiger

    Samuel Balsiger

    28 days ago

    "a free 10 oz yogurt for that" bahahhahahahaha

  • Lesa Zwane

    Lesa Zwane

    28 days ago

    This is how TI speaks 😂

    • Cheikh Diop

      Cheikh Diop

      22 days ago

      You are pretty

  • mazèrunner


    28 days ago

    Who the hell wrote that subtitles?

  • Go Home and get your shinebox

    Go Home and get your shinebox

    29 days ago


  • L Cruz

    L Cruz

    29 days ago

    True comedy, I hope they come back to TV

  • anthonadams


    29 days ago

    Those wigs

  • ktb


    Month ago

    Where I come from we say, You can't shit a shitter.

  • Wayne Hickey

    Wayne Hickey

    Month ago

    Huh he called me big man wow I should listen to him

  • clicking on rocks

    clicking on rocks

    Month ago

    Most unrealistic part is how quickly those atm’s processed the transaction request. We all know those things run on 2001 dial-up