The Best of Levi and Cedric - Key & Peele

Published on Mar 18, 2021
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From solving a dookie-related mystery to going steampunk, here are Levi and Cedric’s greatest hits. (Contains strong language.)

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Key & Peele
  • Matt Kramer

    Matt Kramer

    11 hours ago

    "I'm a-legg'ted to marijuana"

  • SosaMan 300

    SosaMan 300

    11 hours ago

    Yo wtf son you got a rat In your house lmaooo

  • Dane Hansen

    Dane Hansen

    21 hour ago


  • RAH ROY!

    RAH ROY!

    2 days ago

    3:47 that’s some real *shit*

  • Biggest Kaka

    Biggest Kaka

    2 days ago

    Why are we not talking about how Cedric is screaming after Levi opened up the "classic lightning in a bottle" lightning?

  • Matt Twombly

    Matt Twombly

    3 days ago

    Levi in steam punk looks like he'd be real interesting to hang out with

  • Craig Manning

    Craig Manning

    3 days ago

    As a friend of mine said. Jules Verne and S. Perfect description of steam punk.

  • Lazaro Lerman

    Lazaro Lerman

    3 days ago

    This should be a movie.

  • Shane Schoeman

    Shane Schoeman

    4 days ago

    The mysterious adventures of Levi and Cedric. Make it happen!

  • anthonadams


    8 days ago

    Levi is an alien

  • Shabazzatta


    10 days ago

    Some old Chinese man sold it to me years ago!Brilliant!#80sish!

  • Gator Operator

    Gator Operator

    10 days ago

    8:07 when Disney supports black people and filmed next to a concentration camp

  • Wag da Wolf

    Wag da Wolf

    11 days ago

    Levi, the Disney Princess of the Hood

  • Firster Onestone

    Firster Onestone

    12 days ago

    Staying clean before and after rolling in it and avoiding it is easiest by forgetfulness. Endearing. Almost as cute as a reader's brain fart and vicious wiping.

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    13 days ago

    Best duo! Also, love the appearences of ratatouille!

  • PaVi_01


    13 days ago

    Levi sure is a mam of culture

  • Luciano Nahuel Gomez

    Luciano Nahuel Gomez

    13 days ago

    We need a Levi and Cedric movie

  • Tre Stagen

    Tre Stagen

    14 days ago

    are we not going to talk about how Levi can catch lightning??

    • Salty Ark

      Salty Ark

      10 days ago

      @Tre Stagen And we are going to ignore Cedrics earing in that sketch as well apparently 🧐

  • Nichole Carrizalez

    Nichole Carrizalez

    14 days ago

    He did make a sandwich tho

  • Rod-vaughn Reynolds

    Rod-vaughn Reynolds

    14 days ago

    How did Cedric not notice that huge horse?

  • Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI Help

    15 days ago

    "Where my dookie go?" LOL

  • Jo Blo

    Jo Blo

    16 days ago

    The rat is in a ghostbusters trap😅😅😅

  • Miles


    16 days ago

    That's lightning in a jar, not a bottle.

  • Psalm1special


    16 days ago

    I’m sure that was a mouse cos it was in a house.

  • Lzk_Yungking


    17 days ago

    Levi & Ced should have been a series💯

  • Hadrien Brissaud

    Hadrien Brissaud

    17 days ago

    Can we do away with the bips please ? this is super tiring and honestly very unnecessary, takes a lot away from the skits

    • DuR-T PiJ-N

      DuR-T PiJ-N

      14 days ago

      You can see unedited skits on the comedy central website.

  • BoLin Bao

    BoLin Bao

    18 days ago

    lol i love this crazy video

  • Hadrien Brissaud

    Hadrien Brissaud

    18 days ago

    My favourite characters

  • JaWee iT

    JaWee iT

    18 days ago

    High Horse

  • nobody


    19 days ago

    Two of the best to ever do it...

  • Just Imagine

    Just Imagine

    19 days ago

    I am so glad they cancelled Mad TV so we could have these gems. Not really, I still miss Mad TV. But, ratatouille... twice!

  • laces ascanio

    laces ascanio

    19 days ago

    Good couple the stupid

  • Justin Carnemolla

    Justin Carnemolla

    20 days ago

    "I thought you had an idea"
    "I do"

  • C.L. Visions

    C.L. Visions

    22 days ago

    I just realised that Peele’s voice in this kinda sounds like Tyler, The Creator and now I can’t stop thinking about it 😂

  • Onkel Pappkov

    Onkel Pappkov

    24 days ago

    Would be cool if everything was bleeped out and the image was a test picture. I really love censor bleeps so much.

  • AuroraBoobie Alice

    AuroraBoobie Alice

    24 days ago


  • Blaise Bullion

    Blaise Bullion

    24 days ago

    Did he pull the ratatouille out of a one of those ghostbuster thangs though?

  • Hollywood Stan

    Hollywood Stan

    25 days ago

    Much needed laugh! Thx fellas

  • Johnny Gizmo

    Johnny Gizmo

    25 days ago

    Honkers here is the cats pajamas
    God I wish you guys would take a pitch or two from me

  • Àkshãy


    25 days ago

    The dookie talk was deep tho....

    • Strawberry_Cheesecake


      24 days ago


  • Ethan Sloan

    Ethan Sloan

    25 days ago

    "I live in a clock now. Umbrellas and blimps and shit."
    Man, it's hard to find an affordable clock to live in these days.

  • NightCore X

    NightCore X

    26 days ago

    I think ratatouille is my favorite thing about this series

  • dale stein

    dale stein

    26 days ago

    I wanna act in ur videoa

  • HiroBoy


    26 days ago

    Levi is stupid but smart in a way

  • Oni Blessing

    Oni Blessing

    26 days ago

    The little lasagna anaerobically watch because sarah tinctorially flash except a funny coach. uneven, witty bedroom

  • Morino Hisagi

    Morino Hisagi

    26 days ago

    Hold up... Dolphins, swim with my dookie

  • James.


    27 days ago


  • Devan


    27 days ago

    ...but they’ll will never make it out the hood because “they ain’t shit”
    I get it

  • CLebs


    27 days ago


  • Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams

    27 days ago

    Why is this video banned in Australia...???

  • Nachiket Mahalle

    Nachiket Mahalle

    27 days ago

    6:51 Lightning in a Botto

  • Felix Leshey

    Felix Leshey

    27 days ago

    Happy Birthday Keegan🎂🍰



    27 days ago

    Any good Chef gotta taste their creation

  • LJ


    27 days ago

    I suspect their weed is so strong that they are hallucinating those things but cedric refuses to accept any of it, while Levi accepts the high and goes with the flow

    • Blue Eyes

      Blue Eyes

      4 hours ago

      @oliver sainB smoking coke doesn't work bro. It has to be cooked up into hard. But like you said we can agree to disagree.

    • oliver sainB

      oliver sainB

      5 hours ago

      @Blue Eyes I’m not referring to weed that’s sold to you. Yeah it doesn’t make sense for a dealer to do that, but to each their own and I know too many people who regularly lace their blunts with coke. Got to the point where I don’t smoke shit that’s being passed around, I bring my own.

    • Blue Eyes

      Blue Eyes

      6 hours ago

      oliver sainB one in a million. It’s like the whole razor blade in an apple on Halloween bro...a regular dealer isn’t gonna lace anything it makes no sense financially, some random dumbass is a different story but still slim to none.

    • oliver sainB

      oliver sainB

      7 hours ago

      @Blue Eyes lacing weed is definitely still something people go around doing. All depends on the type of crowd you smoke with.

    • Blue Eyes

      Blue Eyes

      Day ago

      LJ bro people don’t go around “lacing” weed...that’s just shit you hear in DARE and from parents to scare their kids into not smoking.

  • Lightning Gamer

    Lightning Gamer

    27 days ago

    “I got a Ratatouille.” Lmao! 🤣

  • HyykaL


    27 days ago

    Levi = Patrick Star

  • daddys cummies

    daddys cummies

    27 days ago

    5:43 oN tHE sANdwHIcH

  • Dustin King

    Dustin King

    28 days ago

    Basically I lost it at foghorn dickhorn for the whole video

  • Ms. V Just A Taste

    Ms. V Just A Taste

    28 days ago

    Genuine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅🥲

  • Michael Sterling

    Michael Sterling

    28 days ago

    i got a ratatouille dawg

  • Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    28 days ago

    Levi and Cedric are the sketch equivalent of a Katt Williams observation of the smart dumb love seat couch narrative..

  • Kartikey Vishwas

    Kartikey Vishwas

    28 days ago

    But that app though...!!!😂😂😂



    28 days ago

    This pairs well with a wake n bake.

  • Ahmad Amirulhaziq Zulkifli

    Ahmad Amirulhaziq Zulkifli

    28 days ago

    I love the Ratatouille one HAHA

  • K. A.

    K. A.

    28 days ago

    you still on that?!

  • reletivity creator

    reletivity creator

    28 days ago

    levi ackerman

  • niCKulas TV

    niCKulas TV

    28 days ago

    they gotta make a movie!

  • Don Erwin Ceballo

    Don Erwin Ceballo

    28 days ago

    “If my dookie can make it out of the hood, maybe we can too” B O I

  • Rakzu170


    28 days ago

    What world do you live in Levi? Maybe I could visit for an hour a two.

  • Rutwik sakhare

    Rutwik sakhare

    28 days ago


  • Scheme 9er

    Scheme 9er

    28 days ago

    That first one is way too good

  • Darin Basile

    Darin Basile

    28 days ago

    Fuck I needed that.

  • Charles Ezeribe

    Charles Ezeribe

    29 days ago

    Second moral of the story, get as high as Levi

  • Charles Ezeribe

    Charles Ezeribe

    29 days ago

    Moral of the story, get high enough...

  • Future Commentary

    Future Commentary

    29 days ago

    6:15 Major freakout in 2021.

  • Rob


    29 days ago

    Man you the smartest dumb person I know

  • Artur Kira

    Artur Kira

    29 days ago

    Кураж бамбей на помощь!!!!

  • takunda makanda

    takunda makanda

    29 days ago

    make it beautiful man, the dookie poem kkkk

  • Toby Bartels

    Toby Bartels

    29 days ago

    Midroll ad for Chipotle in the middle of the Ratatouille scene.

  • lovelessissimo


    29 days ago

    Valid query about the life cycle of dookie.

  • Ruffey


    29 days ago

    These two have Lennie and George vibes from 'Of Mice and Men'.

  • Neo Anderson

    Neo Anderson

    29 days ago

    i live in a clock now

  • Kamen Rider Black

    Kamen Rider Black

    29 days ago

    "I'm just an ill-ass Lemony Snicket up in this bitch" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dr. S. Choudhury

    Dr. S. Choudhury

    29 days ago

    Cedric's eyeroll everytime Levi comes up with some crack idea, is such a mood! 😂😂😂

  • King Of Ahola Tarot, Not a Fan of His

    King Of Ahola Tarot, Not a Fan of His

    29 days ago

    It’s the rat in the hat that got me.

  • Adheeb Shafik

    Adheeb Shafik

    29 days ago

    Levi is definitely not from planet Earth

  • Gilbert Sheets

    Gilbert Sheets

    29 days ago

    “I live in a clock now”
    He just summarized every persons existence.

  • Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez

    29 days ago

    Ratatouille 4 President!

  • irfan hossain

    irfan hossain

    29 days ago

    this shit crazy when uore hiigh wowowow

  • irfan hossain

    irfan hossain

    29 days ago

    who'selse is watchibg this while hghi on weed

  • Reverse Flash Plays

    Reverse Flash Plays

    Month ago

    Levi could conquer the world lol

  • Andrebenedict Arcega

    Andrebenedict Arcega

    Month ago

    Do more meegan and andre.😂

  • VapeyGamer


    Month ago

    OMG you guys have me laughing so hard I swear :)

  • Pandaman Wong

    Pandaman Wong

    Month ago

    “Yo Levi” only Aot fans will get it lol

  • Spenny


    Month ago

    Great but do you need 8 adverts in between the clips !

    • daddys cummies

      daddys cummies

      27 days ago


    • Y'ChDis Comedy

      Y'ChDis Comedy

      Month ago

  • R Umlas

    R Umlas

    Month ago

    Please post bloopers from all their skits in this upload. Def's moments where they look like they are gonna break character.

  • Jay2Face


    Month ago

    "im just a ill ass lemony snicket in this bitch" that part gets me everytime

  • Alazer micheal

    Alazer micheal

    Month ago

    Good job man you make my day

  • Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar

    Month ago

    “Potato potato”

  • Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito

    Month ago

    What's that zombie movie with Will Smith called?
    Oh you mean "I am Dickend"