Meeting Bigoted Parents - Key & Peele

Published on Feb 1, 2021
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A woman’s parents don’t hide their dislike of her new fiancé.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Key & Peele
  • Harry Sven Cottar

    Harry Sven Cottar

    Hour ago

    Dem lizes

  • angelique82mon


    21 hour ago

    I have.... questions

  • Michael Wilson

    Michael Wilson

    Day ago

    I have so many questions

  • Nop Nop

    Nop Nop

    Day ago

    Honestly this is the most clever sketch theyve ever done

  • Oke Ihenacho

    Oke Ihenacho

    Day ago

    The dad’s first expression!😂😂😂

  • Vaishnav Nambiar

    Vaishnav Nambiar

    Day ago

    This is true postmodern art...😂

  • robertk2007


    Day ago

    What accent is that?

  • M


    Day ago

    That’s smooth and witty

  • 강태욱


    Day ago

    Having no twist was a twist. I thought black guy was their son lol

  • Abhijeet Dey

    Abhijeet Dey

    2 days ago

    When in doubt, they racist

  • El Inextricable

    El Inextricable

    2 days ago

    Everyone in the comment section:
    -Oh the parents are so rac¡sts! Very despicable people.
    -Oh! Theyre not rac¡st after all. The guy has a tail, so that kind of discrimination is ok. what a relief!
    -Oh no! they are actually rac¡st! Brilliant! Everyone here must know about how a feel about this *starts typing

  • Christfollower Love

    Christfollower Love

    2 days ago

    Im so confused

  • Joseph Binny

    Joseph Binny

    2 days ago

    What's funny about this??? Where's the plot twist?

    • Joseph Binny

      Joseph Binny

      2 days ago

      Also, where is Jordan Peele?

  • Matthew Kaffer

    Matthew Kaffer

    2 days ago

    Someone please explain the joke to me. I'm not being sarcastic, I want to get it lol

  • Eric Yung

    Eric Yung

    3 days ago

    The dad looks like Carl Fredrickson from Up

  • Sampad Chakraborty

    Sampad Chakraborty

    3 days ago

    rose?! charlie would never allow this!

  • Joe H.

    Joe H.

    3 days ago


  • Austin Payne

    Austin Payne

    4 days ago

    They’re racist ?
    Oh they don’t like that he’s a reptile
    Oh they are racist !
    Everyone’s reptiles and people are still racist

  • Rohit Angre

    Rohit Angre

    4 days ago

    Rose from TAHM❤️

  • Dominique Nash

    Dominique Nash

    4 days ago

    The point they’re trying to make is that we are all the same in some way lol

  • MC Dexpo

    MC Dexpo

    4 days ago

    I think itd been funnier if they were Keegan's Parents, and they had a problem with him dating a white woman, thus making it ironic

  • Domagoj Mamić

    Domagoj Mamić

    4 days ago

    She kinda looks like Rose from Two And A Half Man.

  • Andrew Wright

    Andrew Wright

    5 days ago

    Key doing Portier. Love it

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    5 days ago

    They had us in the first part

    • Nop Nop

      Nop Nop

      Day ago

      and the second

  • Jake Burgard

    Jake Burgard

    5 days ago

    It’s unfortunate that I thought judging him because of his tail was better than judging him because of his skin.

  • Abracadabra


    5 days ago

    Well that took a turn-

  • raphael jones

    raphael jones

    5 days ago

    POV: you are mark zuckerburg introducing your Asian girlfriend to your family

  • Arlo L

    Arlo L

    5 days ago

    is she the aunt from perks of being a wallflower or is that just me

  • phillabadboy05 j

    phillabadboy05 j

    6 days ago

    Uhh whattttt lol

  • Nate - Njs811

    Nate - Njs811

    6 days ago

    I was waiting for them to accuse him of being Jewish or something.

  • Deez Nutz

    Deez Nutz

    6 days ago

    Okay, I’m confused.

  • Paul Masters

    Paul Masters

    6 days ago

    We are never going to get past this racist bullshit until we let it go, if all we ever hear in our news and media is racism how do we move on...

  • Purpose


    7 days ago

    I don’t know what just happened

  • Ali Makaveli Da 7th Sign

    Ali Makaveli Da 7th Sign

    7 days ago

    *Peele played the girlfriend perfectly. I could hardly tell it was him*

    • Munch Maila

      Munch Maila

      2 days ago


    • Christfollower Love

      Christfollower Love

      2 days ago


    • Nadeem El-Amine

      Nadeem El-Amine

      3 days ago

      @tavis thomas 🤣🤣🤣

    • tavis thomas

      tavis thomas

      3 days ago

      why would you do this to me i tried to figure out if it was him for 20 min

  • Ahmed Abbas

    Ahmed Abbas

    7 days ago

    Can someone explain why they put tail twist there? Any metaphor or allegory which I am missing may be?

  • All iswell

    All iswell

    7 days ago

    Thats hilarious! I miss my hot Venezuelan who's father didn't approve of my albinism. Fun while it lasted i have my memories.

  • Disney 'Ann DR01D' Buxom

    Disney 'Ann DR01D' Buxom

    7 days ago

    [In Arnold's Voice] "I came here to laugh. Not to feel."
    But,seriously, though. I'm sorry. Am I missing something, here? 🤔
    Where's the comedy?? 👀

  • Tye Armstead

    Tye Armstead

    7 days ago

    Its rose from two and a half men

  • Paulo Jose Castro

    Paulo Jose Castro

    8 days ago

    A house divided by itself cannot stand. now that the leaders are dead and gone, the kids has come and reck havoc upon the land. Good luck.

  • Henry the Heron

    Henry the Heron

    8 days ago

    Bruh my brain hurts now

  • American First

    American First

    8 days ago

    I’m every bit of confused on this one.... with that said I still laughed but have no idea why...

  • Shi No Shi

    Shi No Shi

    8 days ago

    The dad is such a good actor! 😂

  • Pennybody Dovey

    Pennybody Dovey

    8 days ago

    Confuse much

  • Elad Warshawsky

    Elad Warshawsky

    8 days ago

    The tails

  • Easy Rider

    Easy Rider

    8 days ago

    Everything is about race now

  • Sean Casity

    Sean Casity

    8 days ago

    Lizard man...

  • Bryan Watts

    Bryan Watts

    9 days ago

    Wtf lmao

  • El Ludo

    El Ludo

    9 days ago

    So funny.

  • 12footsativa


    9 days ago

    Not offended, simply “not funny”

  • Amir Anderson

    Amir Anderson

    9 days ago

    This is low key a message 😂🤣😂

  • Compte Prive

    Compte Prive

    9 days ago

    I met a polish girl in my 20s, went and spent a year with her in Poland, and her grandparents were racist while her mother was.... suspicious. I learned an important lesson about differences between people of different races/cultures. Instead of getting mad at their bigotry I simply behaved as nice and gracious as I could and it wasn't before long that they loved me. The grandmither would get excited to have me over because I ate all her food 😂
    They only knew negative stereotypes about black people without having had any in their communities to interact with. After living together they changed their attitudes dramatically. Some people just have hate in their hearts and cannot be changed, but I believe most people who are bigoted are this way out of simple ignorance.

  • Kimberly Howard

    Kimberly Howard

    9 days ago


  • Tamara Kennedy

    Tamara Kennedy

    9 days ago

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    10 days ago

    Ummm ok. I clicked expecting something way better

  • Diving Falcon FPV

    Diving Falcon FPV

    10 days ago

    Was he not a lizard? Colored lizard?

  • Leor Handelsman

    Leor Handelsman

    10 days ago

    alternate title: get out, but in 1 minute and 30 seconds

  • KHONOR Mcmagomedov

    KHONOR Mcmagomedov

    10 days ago

    1:00 who else had to rewind to see the Tail

  • DolphinsDontSwim


    10 days ago

    This sense

  • Twilight Gardens presentations

    Twilight Gardens presentations

    10 days ago


  • R Griffin

    R Griffin

    10 days ago


  • Matt gaming

    Matt gaming

    10 days ago

    Wtf..wasnt expecting that. Or the comment at the en. Lol

  • The Gman

    The Gman

    10 days ago

    It needs to be said,The dragon tail people have had it too good for too long

  • Josue Melena

    Josue Melena

    10 days ago


  • Van Iyke

    Van Iyke

    11 days ago

    Well, that was one tail of a story.

  • kalidas k

    kalidas k

    11 days ago

    Someone explain me this . I don’t understand.

  • JoeF Martin

    JoeF Martin

    11 days ago

    🐊 Lizard people are the worst. 💩🤮

  • JustActing


    11 days ago

    When you get a job you really want then realise it's work

  • jldude84


    11 days ago

    Love it.

  • Tshepo Sepadile

    Tshepo Sepadile

    11 days ago

    Wow, so many plot twists. 😂🙌

  • Glossier


    11 days ago

    I’m confused. Can someone explain

  • Way Waters

    Way Waters

    12 days ago

    Lmao this has to be the record for the most plot twist in a 3 min video

    • Ahmed Nor

      Ahmed Nor

      4 days ago

      Search mexican standoff with key and peele, that shit will blow your mind.

    • 9998thegrimeater


      4 days ago

      @Nic Fenner Then what is the plot lol?? They're revealing visual information that develops the plot, you're splitting hairs man. there's more than one twist, and a twist doesn't become not a plot twist just because it was executed primarily through direction.

    • MC Dexpo

      MC Dexpo

      4 days ago

      ... the video is a minute and a half, though...

    • Way Waters

      Way Waters

      5 days ago

      @Nic Fenner bro why are there such stuff and dry people like u on the internet lmfao

    • Nic Fenner

      Nic Fenner

      5 days ago

      @Way Waters Yes, they intentionally misled the audience by revealing a little bit more information visually at every turn, but that's was a twist brought about by how the skit was directed, not the plot changing. Great skit, that subverted expectations in a funny way, only one actual "plot" twist.

  • Que serra

    Que serra

    12 days ago

    Just love y all

  • Alec Bruck

    Alec Bruck

    12 days ago

    I just can't pin his accent...sounds like a mix of boston/italian/old New York/Chinese and some Khoisan Languages.

  • Mikey Mikinka

    Mikey Mikinka

    12 days ago

    Lizard people are real

  • Yikes Man

    Yikes Man

    12 days ago

    Damn when does white hate go away

  • Astro Kid Lo’

    Astro Kid Lo’

    12 days ago

    They’re racist
    Ohhh they’re reptile racist
    Opp they’re human racist

  • WJen8


    12 days ago

    What a roller coaster ride.
    Sort of.
    Not really.
    Well it is _because_ it wasn't... I think...

  • Mr. Honey Bee

    Mr. Honey Bee

    12 days ago


  • Robby C

    Robby C

    12 days ago

    Racism is funny, until it happens to you.

  • Jason Flynn

    Jason Flynn

    12 days ago

    Key and Peele got me double...

  • Flogger _88

    Flogger _88

    12 days ago

    Not if this is still a true situation out there in west...

  • M E M E L A D S

    M E M E L A D S

    12 days ago

    Oh you got me there in the first half.

  • Azraf Rahman

    Azraf Rahman

    12 days ago

    Oh they are so racist, but there is probably a twist right? Oh the tail, so they not racist okay let me watch another video n- wait what did they say? Wait they all had tails im so confused

  • Tyler Grant

    Tyler Grant

    12 days ago

    What a rollercoaster of genius comedy lol they jabbed you with the left followed by a punchline with the right that turned out to be a fake into a left hook.

  • Unapologetic Cook

    Unapologetic Cook

    13 days ago

    Did I just saw his tail wag of anger?

  • Raymond Angus

    Raymond Angus

    13 days ago

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  • Ben Swolo

    Ben Swolo

    13 days ago

    They had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

  • acekike


    13 days ago

    is that Rose from two and a half man :O

  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse

    13 days ago

    Damn that got me like 3 times well played sir

  • PaVi_01


    13 days ago

    Isn't the white lady colored "white"

  • name less

    name less

    13 days ago

    old markiplier

  • Randy Obama

    Randy Obama

    14 days ago

    lol I never saw this one.
    I guess it is really rampant in current American society..
    it is really unfortunate.
    when I visited my Japanese girlfriend house (i stayed there for 2 weeks) they treated me like a family. they even prepared bathwater for me and her mother cooked for me every morning. I even drank beer with her surgeon father during dinner and had many interesting conversations.
    also I used to go to this all white Baptist church in Austin Texas. small church. and my family was moving back to Korea and I was heading to medical school.
    there I told these old white men about my appreciation of America, giving me citizenship and even Rice offered me a scholarship so that I could become a doctor without financial burden, some of those men almost got teary and hugged me..
    I guess I am really lucky guy.

  • Spencer Godspeed

    Spencer Godspeed

    14 days ago

    Still don't understand what's so funny about this and what the tails had to do with the "punchline?" Someone care to explain?

  • TheRealOnlineBabbler


    14 days ago

    Nah I think she stalked him.

  • Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI Help

    14 days ago


  • Uttam Kr. Banik

    Uttam Kr. Banik

    14 days ago

    What the fuck was that

  • rod sampson

    rod sampson

    14 days ago

    This ain’t even funny, just sad truth lol

  • Muhammed Akinyemi

    Muhammed Akinyemi

    14 days ago

    Yall should listen to "Trick of the tail" by Genesis.

  • Muhammed Akinyemi

    Muhammed Akinyemi

    14 days ago

    That's racist!
    Oh it's racist but not the colour type...
    Oh shit. It's the colour type!

  • Faizan Satti

    Faizan Satti

    15 days ago

    Rose found someone else stalk after Charlie Harper?