MC Mom Tears It Up - Key & Peele

Published on Jul 22, 2019
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A college student is mortified when his roommates discover that his mom produced her own rap video.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Key & Peele
  • DropD1saster


    23 hours ago

    I never understood why ppl did socks tbh.

  • Thathsara Mihiranga

    Thathsara Mihiranga

    Day ago

    If every girl understands the every thing mc mom raps bout mankind will be at a serious risk yo!!!!

  • Solace Paaq

    Solace Paaq

    2 days ago

    Crispy socks smell weird.

  • Peter Hajdu

    Peter Hajdu

    4 days ago

    Those clowns on his wall are fckin terrifying. Isn't the upper one Gacy?

  • Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia

    5 days ago


  • Tobias -TT

    Tobias -TT

    5 days ago

    the second BEAT IS FIRE PEELE

  • Jorge Solis

    Jorge Solis

    6 days ago

    Best part is at the end, when she grabs herself and gives them both fingers lol

  • Kenneth Castelino

    Kenneth Castelino

    7 days ago

    Yo , King Bach !!!

  • Chris_srnxe.


    10 days ago

    crispy socks

  • Evin Grindle

    Evin Grindle

    12 days ago

    *crispy socks here, crispy socks there* sent me to my grave 😂

  • noder mark

    noder mark

    12 days ago

    At the end, i loved the reference to the other sketch

  • Early Osceola

    Early Osceola

    12 days ago


  • strangemarkings


    15 days ago

    MC Mom, Gunrack and Bling Benzy all need to team up one day in rap's first one man supergroup

  • J M

    J M

    15 days ago

    “Word up” 🤣🤣

  • Steven Mihalic

    Steven Mihalic

    17 days ago

    Love the outer space bed.

  • StraingerThingz


    18 days ago

    2:08 The way she says Living Room

  • Dead Candy

    Dead Candy

    19 days ago

    So no one's talking bout where Peele is?

  • •Sundaeii•


    19 days ago

    *Legend says that there is always a Key & Peele skit you haven't seen or haven't seen twice...*

  • TroniX FiX

    TroniX FiX

    19 days ago


  • Altair


    21 day ago

    i wonder where peele was



    22 days ago

    They had to dress like women in order to go main stream

  • michael c

    michael c

    23 days ago

    I love when she makes it rain crispy socks

  • Roe Bot

    Roe Bot

    23 days ago

    Crispy socks

  • Xavier goodwin

    Xavier goodwin

    24 days ago

    Guy: how many crispy socks she gon find?
    Mc mom: well im glad you asked-

  • Ohits Bre

    Ohits Bre

    25 days ago


  • Gavin Sims

    Gavin Sims

    25 days ago

    I can't stop watching this video.

  • Buckie Smalls

    Buckie Smalls

    26 days ago

    Momz seems to going through a lot in a short time.. Went from After school Special to Gantsa in seconds. Also.. Your dad is not longer in the picture. lol.

  • The Pink Panther

    The Pink Panther

    26 days ago

    Science failed to identify dangers to chameleons so god created Key and Peele



    27 days ago


  • x22DarkYT


    28 days ago

    Why is he embarrassed that mc mom's da best

  • Róbert Kiss

    Róbert Kiss

    Month ago

    Poor socks. They didn't deserve that.

  • Braiah-123


    Month ago


  • Mr. 305

    Mr. 305

    Month ago

    This reminds me, I need to throw out my crispy socks before I leave the house today.

  • Praveen Kumar L

    Praveen Kumar L

    Month ago

    ft. King Bach

  • Make A Thrift Full Noise

    Make A Thrift Full Noise

    Month ago


  • Tank Tang ke

    Tank Tang ke

    Month ago


  • dumb ass

    dumb ass

    Month ago

    0:45 man really said " She got buns " to his homie's mom

  • Bigga Bossman

    Bigga Bossman

    Month ago


  • chicken


    Month ago

    A mom dising her son via rap song.

  • espressiv Symbols

    espressiv Symbols

    Month ago

    Freaking love this skit

  • Little Man

    Little Man

    Month ago

    They are so good at making characters and making them believable hahah

  • joseph A

    joseph A

    Month ago

    She way better than any artist today

  • T Δ T I' Mu'sic

    T Δ T I' Mu'sic

    Month ago

    _"And since your dad-met-that-bitch-I got-his office-too"_

  • Harpreet Dev

    Harpreet Dev

    Month ago

    Why are the socks crispy?

  • Eve_Of_The_End


    Month ago

    That second part was savage asf..

  • XXX SkiMaaCion

    XXX SkiMaaCion

    Month ago

    Did anybody just realize That There was king bach there.

  • Grace Whitene

    Grace Whitene

    Month ago


  • Lee Brando

    Lee Brando

    Month ago

    This is hilarious

  • rich0471


    Month ago

    If there were ever an absolutely perfect Key and Peele skit, this is as close as it gets. What a legendary monster of a skit. Crazy that I hadn’t seen it until now.

  • None 4

    None 4

    Month ago

    I watch this every week (: that rap is sick

  • vickie Stracener

    vickie Stracener

    Month ago

    Hope you enjoy them videos they were made for you

  • Rens Schuurkes

    Rens Schuurkes

    Month ago

    imagine how many " gangsters " we would have if moms took up rapping.. You're no gangster your REAL name is CLARENCE

  • Henry Sukati

    Henry Sukati

    Month ago

    That voice is onpoint

  • ShawsOwn


    Month ago

    It's 2021. Why haven't we got a sequel yet? MC Mom on tour.

  • Indya Bratton

    Indya Bratton

    Month ago

    Eminem been real quiet since this dropped

  • Anna Safran

    Anna Safran

    Month ago

    omg this is so funny lol

  • Murad Pasha

    Murad Pasha

    Month ago

    Better than mumbled rappers
    Mc MoM is lit 🔥

  • baba booey420

    baba booey420

    2 months ago

    god damn, that outro was bananas haha. his mom went berserk

  • Spinel


    2 months ago

    i cant believe i have to explain how socks became crispy to my cousin

  • Daniel Alexander

    Daniel Alexander

    2 months ago

    Crispy sock

  • Lady NoShoes

    Lady NoShoes

    2 months ago

    We want MC Mom back!

  • Cringe Media

    Cringe Media

    2 months ago

    This one is funny

  • JoshMason


    2 months ago

    Word up 😂

  • Courtland B

    Courtland B

    2 months ago




    2 months ago

    2:07. Okay..... 🤣🤣🤣 "Since you dad met that bitch I got his office too"

  • Dennis Greany

    Dennis Greany

    2 months ago

    This song is so much more relevant in 2021

  • Advait Deshmukh

    Advait Deshmukh

    2 months ago

    Really? Is no one gonna talk about 'PEACE'? ✊( ) ( ) ✊

  • S Q

    S Q

    2 months ago

    Everybody gangster till the beat becomes darker 💀

  • Deliberately Innocent

    Deliberately Innocent

    2 months ago

    And people were confused when Jordon Peele started doing horror...

  • Cesar Castillo Jr

    Cesar Castillo Jr

    3 months ago


  • elizabeth asianut

    elizabeth asianut

    3 months ago

    fav. vid ever!

  • Tevin Smith

    Tevin Smith

    3 months ago

    O day beat changed up😂

  • NickEvershedMusic


    3 months ago

    Why he got to jack in his socks when he also uses tissue

  • NickEvershedMusic


    3 months ago

    This is so Tim and Eric like

  • firestonegraywolf


    3 months ago

    Ugh she touched and smelled all them crispy socks 😐

  • Donald Black

    Donald Black

    3 months ago

    2:24 LMAOOOO

  • Clare Jennings

    Clare Jennings

    3 months ago

    Making it rain with crispy socks

  • Fenristripplex


    3 months ago

    "How many crispy socks she gonna find dawg?"

  • Em Jaybee

    Em Jaybee

    3 months ago

    Pure gold,crispy socks is genius,he is drag king.

  • Meiji


    3 months ago

    For real tho Jordan Peele would be an adorable mom

  • Jassem Al Sugar

    Jassem Al Sugar

    3 months ago

    I wish The song was longer 😂

  • SkoshyP


    3 months ago

    MC Mom is a one hit wonder I guess. Need more of her please!

  • bepis


    3 months ago

    Here i am again, rewatching the same few key and peele videos over and over again like a fool

  • Chris M

    Chris M

    3 months ago

    His flow dude fuck is great.

  • Jackson Newark

    Jackson Newark

    3 months ago

    Beethoven been real quiet since this dropped

  • Juanes O.

    Juanes O.

    4 months ago


  • Sam


    4 months ago

    Anyone else watch this at 3 am and read the ending bit as puking on the chainsaw.

  • Lickdacoldcunt lickdacoldcunt

    Lickdacoldcunt lickdacoldcunt

    4 months ago

    Crispy socks 🧦

  • AnonymousOneThree


    4 months ago

    Is she wearing pink Keds?

  • Punkrawk


    4 months ago

    That was a long walk to the joke, but man it was worth it

  • Yura


    4 months ago

    what does the crispy socks mean? I don' t get it

  • DatOneWhiteDad


    4 months ago

    MC Mom, now thats a real woman after my own heart

  • poponachtschnecke


    4 months ago

    Omg that pussy on the chainwax got me from out of nowhere

  • Sebastian Cabot

    Sebastian Cabot

    4 months ago

    Anyone watching this in 2021?

  • Rob Bryja

    Rob Bryja

    4 months ago

    Of course like all Male Comedians, The Deep State wants them dressing up like a woman. Dave Chapelle walked away for this very reason very reason but apparently Key & Peele don’t have a soul, or self respect. This is sad.

    • Davis John

      Davis John

      4 months ago

      Dress up like a women? When and where was that?

  • Martin Adrian Arcenas

    Martin Adrian Arcenas

    4 months ago

    all the extras on these key and peele skits are under

  • Clayton Burns

    Clayton Burns

    4 months ago

    Jesus saves.

  • Lampshade


    4 months ago

    Would’ve been funnier without king Bach

  • Daniel Wolf

    Daniel Wolf

    4 months ago

    Kingbach is so annoying

  • Get out of my room Fatman

    Get out of my room Fatman

    4 months ago

    Best key and peele video ever.