It’s Hard to Dump Someone - Key & Peele

Published on Dec 14, 2020
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Andre tries to break up with Meegan but it does not go well.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Key & Peele
  • Enny Martin

    Enny Martin

    Hour ago

    "Cool,love it, totally fine with that" lol

  • Micah Kohn

    Micah Kohn

    17 hours ago

    “You’re a controlling manipulative person, everybody says that”

  • Hutabarat Gayustri

    Hutabarat Gayustri

    2 days ago

    What just happened. LOL

  • Z IP

    Z IP

    2 days ago

    I just realized Asian-Americans are basically White Americans who are Asian.

  • erica minnis

    erica minnis

    3 days ago


  • Mike M

    Mike M

    3 days ago

    He fell right into that trap. Lmao

  • Dominic Steveley

    Dominic Steveley

    3 days ago

    Yeah, kinda my life in a nut shell

  • Shawn


    3 days ago

    He was almost out...

  • Gavin Cook

    Gavin Cook

    4 days ago

    Prince Harry.

  • Mar Sys

    Mar Sys

    5 days ago

    He Looked at the door knob 😂😂

  • kachy Joseph

    kachy Joseph

    5 days ago

    lmfaoooooo seriously give these guys an oscar for this.

  • Tony Liao

    Tony Liao

    6 days ago

    This is so spot on with passive aggressiveness

  • Gamze Günebakan

    Gamze Günebakan

    6 days ago

    I love how the music changes according to the mood of their conversation. The music at 3:00 is my favorite.

  • Abu Ansari

    Abu Ansari

    6 days ago

    It’s frightening how true to life this is. I regularly review the whole Meghan and Andre canon to 1) watch some stellar acting and 2) remind myself not to let that happen in my life again.

  • Sany Simor

    Sany Simor

    7 days ago

    Key is indian or what?

  • Rose Zielinski

    Rose Zielinski

    8 days ago

    Codependency at its finest..

  • freddie valenzuela

    freddie valenzuela

    9 days ago

    Totally forget it's peel when he plays meegan

  • SAL


    9 days ago

    I just keep hearing the Kardashians

  • Jordan Alexander (ja1944)

    Jordan Alexander (ja1944)

    10 days ago

    This gives me Trisha Paytas vibes

  • T


    10 days ago


  • Finn Aberjanski

    Finn Aberjanski

    11 days ago

    I love the "I'm not angreeee!"

  • Seth Rue

    Seth Rue

    11 days ago

    This is actually the story of how I proposed to my ex.

  • Jon Adams

    Jon Adams

    12 days ago

    Andre is just too good of a guy

  • Maximus Augustus

    Maximus Augustus

    12 days ago

    THis is Prince Harry wants to break up with Meghan

  • ConceitedKoba


    13 days ago

    Oh my goodness. As this video went on it got less and less funny, cause it just made me realize how much my girl acts this way. She always puts words in my mouth and constantly has to be the victim in every fight, even when it’s her fault... geez I’m in an unhealthy relationship lol

  • vialthiansiam Ngaihte

    vialthiansiam Ngaihte

    13 days ago

    Passive agressive

  • DressedRunner


    15 days ago

    Should've walk of the door when he had the chance.. but he never stood the chance.. he just thought he did.

  • Good Sleeping Hobbits

    Good Sleeping Hobbits

    16 days ago

    This woman reminds me of my aunt Rowena

  • esa khan

    esa khan

    16 days ago

    Perfect narc traits ...smear , gas lighting , controlling , bait and switch , projection , amazing presentation ...bravo great 👍🏼

  • Lola Bonaparte

    Lola Bonaparte

    18 days ago

    Is this Trisha Paytas 💀

  • Chocolate Fudge

    Chocolate Fudge

    18 days ago

    Keeping tabs on people. An ex boyfriend said the same to me! He was such a meegan😂

  • Viva Tube

    Viva Tube

    19 days ago

    Who else want to see peele acting like Meegan without makeup 💄?

  • MrAmigostos


    19 days ago

    I’d totally watch a movie about these 2 characters if they made one.

  • FartyFat


    20 days ago

    Meegan is scary but lowkey her gaslighting skill is over the chart

  • Amina Bin Shafiq

    Amina Bin Shafiq

    20 days ago


  • A Bi

    A Bi

    20 days ago

    Peele is a real girl he must secretly do drag on a regular basis.

  • RedRebel8


    22 days ago

    I have not yet met a woman that does not behave like this.

  • Dunwich Karl

    Dunwich Karl

    22 days ago

    Our modern day Laurel & Hardy. And frankly so much better. Hope they get remembered for it.

  • Dylan Travis

    Dylan Travis

    22 days ago

    3:26 we can all relate to this emotion

  • Cyxh


    23 days ago

    There’s some real trauma and experiences in this comment section.

  • MRuddin


    24 days ago

    Girls do be like that. Beware.

  • Caguama Time

    Caguama Time

    24 days ago

    My current situation. Help

  • GG


    25 days ago

    Jaime King is that you

  • Lahiru 叻山

    Lahiru 叻山

    25 days ago

    Damn these guys are so damn talented

  • codyraylee


    25 days ago

    *my peazzce

  • beezzarro


    26 days ago

    André was ALMOST GONE. Oh man, if only he hadn't answered the question "why?" and just walked out

  • Brian Gause

    Brian Gause

    Month ago

    Just Leave Lol

  • Miraculous Myia

    Miraculous Myia

    Month ago

    Narcissism at its finest 😂😂😂

  • Kiki the pupper

    Kiki the pupper

    Month ago

    He's SO terrifying as a woman... Oh lord.... She isn't even my gf but why am I so nervous watching this, like I gotta run away somewhere

    • Fran Marie

      Fran Marie

      Month ago


  • Abhishek Bhovad

    Abhishek Bhovad

    Month ago

    After the Turbulence episode this one would be my next favorite..

  • Leah Unfeigned

    Leah Unfeigned

    Month ago

    I've met a person like this for real. She was horrible and with an ex-friend of mine. She's why he's an ex-friend. She was just like this, voice and all. Manipulative and trifling. I told him so and it ended our friendship. They got engaged but separated after three years dating. He called and apologized, said everything I said was true. He was blinded by love and couldn't see her for the witch she was. Unfortunately, many Meegan's exist.

  • Nombulelo Vokwana

    Nombulelo Vokwana

    Month ago

    Why is Meegan’s place so untidy ? 🤪

  • ShadeQueen420


    Month ago

    What's creepiest is the way she ends skit off where it originally began (didn't miss a beat).

  • Srada Dhakal

    Srada Dhakal

    Month ago

    This is scary. Like a horror movie. Andre deserves better.

  • Coco Mocha

    Coco Mocha

    Month ago


  • Marianne Peart

    Marianne Peart

    Month ago

    Lol..I said what just happened right before he did. Nothing like passive aggressive, gaslighting to Amp up your relationship.

  • KiLovely


    Month ago

    LMAO!!!! Too funny I have seen this multiple times!!!

  • Productivity Factory

    Productivity Factory

    Month ago

    we all men in the world must stick and fight this together. we've been alone all this long stuck in a trap like this :))

  • Nguyen Phan Huyen Anh

    Nguyen Phan Huyen Anh

    Month ago

    avatar the last airbender

  • precious jackson

    precious jackson

    Month ago

    I swear I feel like Andrea and all jokes aside it takes a toll on you. I don’t know how to get out of that cycle

  • ClarksoninJapan


    Month ago

    Ha ha ha!

  • Brie Repooc

    Brie Repooc

    Month ago

    Every Pisces I have ever known. Meegan

  • Robby Roopan

    Robby Roopan

    Month ago

    Waiter has left this chat

  • Renee Andrews

    Renee Andrews

    Month ago

    The past text strikingly hook because orchid nomenclaturally taste failing a spiritual rod. luxuriant, tangible baboon

  • Vince Daladar

    Vince Daladar

    Month ago

    Meegan deserves her own horror movie, directed by Jordan peele of course. Pretty sure he can handle playing a character and directing.

  • Mulya Ikhsanlbs7

    Mulya Ikhsanlbs7

    Month ago

    One rule :
    Women's never wrong

  • H D

    H D

    Month ago

    This should be part of psychology courses to exemplify gas lighting, narcissism, controlling behaviors among many other things. Meegan is also a sociopath as seen in other episodes.

  • Kenta Kamiki

    Kenta Kamiki

    Month ago

    i literally like watch this for like 5 times a day everyday.

  • Lacy Johnson

    Lacy Johnson

    Month ago

    The ultra dance anteriorly back because table timely mark qua a rightful dorothy. common, large battery



    Month ago

    This goes from comedy to psychological horror if you've ever been someone like this. Seriously, if you're in a relationship with someone like this, just dump them and run while you can. They will always find a way to manipulate you, and if you give them the chance to "say their piece", they will do exactly this. Stay safe y'all

  • Jahzzy Richie

    Jahzzy Richie

    Month ago

    Megan's makeup was on point tho

  • Krisztián Wirsz

    Krisztián Wirsz

    Month ago

    Borderline Presonality Disorder.

  • s0fa


    Month ago

    The screen capture for this video is hilarious. Just the face of total disgust.

  • Angelie


    Month ago

    "im not angriiiiieeeee"😂😂😂

  • NYC Hold It Down For DMX

    NYC Hold It Down For DMX

    Month ago

    I think lifetime should hire them to make movies.

  • Mia Mazzuca

    Mia Mazzuca

    Month ago

    “Oh here he is the puppet master is back” 😂

  • Ricky Syndab

    Ricky Syndab

    Month ago

    after she said cool love it I would dip and said deuces 💀 end of skit...

  • Vineeth Paul

    Vineeth Paul

    Month ago

    "Am I evil or am I a bitch"
    "You are not evil meegan“
    Couldn't have said better

  • Marie P.

    Marie P.

    Month ago

    "I love it. I love it!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • April Orange

    April Orange

    Month ago

    Peele acting like he’s mad pretending to not be mad lol talent
    And Key too they rock

  • Vera Merlot

    Vera Merlot

    2 months ago

    Jordan's face is beat for the God's

  • shaikh tusher

    shaikh tusher

    2 months ago

    Ninja technique 🙄

  • Lawrence


    2 months ago

    andre should have listened to the waiter on their first date lol

  • Bethany K.

    Bethany K.

    2 months ago

    I wish this didn't remind me so much of my divorce. Well done! Bravo!

  • Risi Marlon

    Risi Marlon

    2 months ago

    The adjoining duck intraspecifically like because digital sporadically itch after a apathetic spain. straight, angry cloud

  • victoria rose

    victoria rose

    2 months ago

    The puppet master is back 😂😂😂

  • Sorrow ps

    Sorrow ps

    2 months ago

    even joker can't break up with meegan.

  • Elago Paulus

    Elago Paulus

    2 months ago

    This is pure talent at its best!!!

  • Ian M

    Ian M

    2 months ago

    Meegan is my new favorite character on this show

  • SimplyTique


    2 months ago

    This is what happened when we tried to break up with COVID last year. 😂 We tried because it was “super important” and it was “something that needed to happen”.
    COVID was like “kool”, but asked why. And now here we are, in 2021, feeling guilty and still dealing with COVID. 😂😂😂

  • Minecraft Jesus Gaming

    Minecraft Jesus Gaming

    2 months ago

    As a kid this was funny, after getting dumped by my gf this hits so hard

  • Plordlbloop


    2 months ago

    The "I'm not angry! :)" smile is so ACCURATE-

  • Killer Moth XD

    Killer Moth XD

    2 months ago

    That 2000s white guy shirt has me out

  • Rita Cheatham

    Rita Cheatham

    2 months ago

    Does this actually happen 👀

  • Farahis Nur Azreen

    Farahis Nur Azreen

    2 months ago

    that horror background music tho...

  • dhruv


    2 months ago

    Meegan is kinda looking like (late) Aliyah.

  • Devante Cascoe

    Devante Cascoe

    2 months ago

    Should not have sat down Andre....

  • Peter Yim

    Peter Yim

    2 months ago

    Bass: Meagan 😂

  • IceWalloCome


    2 months ago

    Reminds me of Amber Heard but better acting

  • Kalash Sarode

    Kalash Sarode

    2 months ago

    I'm not angrry! ( ^______________________________^ )